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On competition of “a Crash Course for the Motorcyclist students are awarded with an ASM patch which is recognised around the motorcycle world. Patches can only be awarded to class participants.
Wear your patch with pride to identify that you have chosen to be trained to make a difference to the motorcycle community.
“A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist” is the original “basic” course of the ASMA bystander assistance programs.

This course which was developed in 1996 is taught around the world and seen as the benchmark of trauma training in motorcycling.

What does it teach.

One of the main aims of the course is to give the first on scene riders a systematic and standardised approach to managing an accident scene before the arrival of emergency services.

Those first few moments are critical in ensuring safety for all and definite treatment for the injured.

Many students have reported later that “it just kicked” in and they were able to make a difference.

The feelings of hopelessness, were replaced with a coordinated and proactive response.

In the course we cover.

Legal aspects of providing first aid.

Accident Scene Management

Risk Management for all

Recognition of “Mechanisms of injury” and potential injury patterns

Treatment of the Injured,

Including: Helmet Removal, When and Why
Airway Management
Spinal Management
Haemorrhage control
“box of life” injuries
Fracture management.
CPR if required
Thermal injuries and treatment.

Communications and methods of accurate information gathering.

As these skills are very similar but with a motorcycle focus, by doing some extra work you can also obtain the
HLTAID003 Provide First Aid certificate. Nationally Recognised Course
which is awarded by ASMA’s partnership agreement with Allens Training Pty ltd RTO 90909

A pre class online workbook and extra class assessments are required.
Student Agreement is as per the Allens Training Pty ltd, which can be viewed following this link

allens training
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