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Testimonial, April 2016. Ashley Rose “awesome course, well presented and informative . This is the second course like this iv'e done in the last 4 months. The first course i done (another company) was way to brief and only touched on a few different things that left me walking out wondering if i could really could do what was needed in an emergancy. This one tho was conducted by highly qualified instructors with a wealth of knowledge they were more than willing to share. it was delivered seamlessly and easy to understand. the instructors were friendly and engaging and taught in a manner that was easy to understand and left you with the confidence to actually be able to do what they have taught you in an emergency. i highly recommend the ASMA course to ANY road user. Thanks Phill &jo”
Ashley Rose 04/16
If you ride a motorbike in a group or alone, this is one of the MUST do courses.
Don Henrickson 04/16. Victorian Custom Riders
Great course, this is the second time that Yarra Valley HOG have attended these courses - great instructors getting across an important topic in an easy to understand way. BTW Victorys rule!
Kelvin Butcher 04/16
Wolfgang Koernig I like just to say, it was a great training course. It was a fantastic, enthusiastic and detailed demonstration by Phil Lemin and Jo Fisher to make all attendant aware of what Motor bike riders are up to, in today's environment and traffic situations. A big hand and thank you well done. I also like to thank the City of Casey and Nino Occhietti, road Safety Officer and Community Safety, who sponsored this so valuable event. Kind Regards Wolfgang Koernig.
Wolfgang Koernig 03/16 Ulysses Member
Completed the ASMA course recently as well as having undertaking training with another provider. The ASMA instructors were professional and extremely informative. The course is conducted to achieve the best possible outcome to a bad situation. I feel comfortable with the training I have received and would have no hesitation, what's so ever, in recommending the course.
Judy McNaughton Yarra Valley HOG, 05.16
was able to assist an elderly man after a bad face down fall a week ago because of this course. It all comes back when you are faced with assisting someone, from making sure their airways are clear & they are breathing alright, to not moving them until you ve understood their injuries etc. This course lays it all out. I could not recommend it more highly. Ants pants!
James Kerr 04/16
This should be part of the licencing course for new riders. Highly recommended.
Ray SC Hembri. Geelong HOG
Thank you for a informative & productive day, I recommend anyone who rides or pillions a bike should to do this course.
Lynne Morris 01/16 Farriders
This course was amazing, so informative great presentation should be mandatory when getting your motorbike licence. Thank you
Patricia Perrie 02/17 Facebook
motorcycle first aid
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