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ASM instructors are passionate motorcyclists who share your lifestyle

Lead instructors must have emergency medical experience, Paramedic, Nurse or higher and have a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.
Teaching experience either public or internally is required.

Instructors that work under a Lead instructor must be active motorcyclists as well.

ASM instructors want you to be well trained as they realise they may be on the receiving end of our teachings.
Phil Lemin
Executive Director, Founder ASMA - 2011.
Emergency Paramedic, 30 yrs
Industrial Paramedic 1 yr

Lead Instructor, Advanced.

Dip of Management
Assoc. Diploma of Health Science Ambulance
Cert IV in Workplace Training
Cert IV in Road Transport, Drive Instructor
VicRoads Motorcycle licence tester 10yrs
HLTAID008 Manage First Aid Services and Resources
FarRider, Black Dog Rider
Ulysses Member, Alpine Riders

Phil has been a long time motorcyclist, like many of us, he has owned a range of motorcycles.

His vision is to see as many motorcyclists trained as possible in ASMA First Response skills, so we can all make a difference.
Jo Fisher
Director ASMA, Marketing and Sales.
Employed in Non Emergency Ambulance Industry since 2009.
Instructor, Advanced.

Certificate III in Non Emergency Client Transport
HLTAID008 Manage First Aid Services and Resources
FarRider, Ulysses Member, Alpine Riders, Black Dog Rider
“World Record Holder.Dubbo 2016”

Jo ( a long time pillion ) has been a rider since 2005 and has embraced the passion of riding a large motorcycle.
Jo enjoys travelling with friends and on her own, on her Victory Kingpin.

Jo is very passionate about the importance of training all riders in the ASMA courses, she herself has been fortunate to mostly ride with her own personal paramedic!
Jo can see the potential of the ASMA courses and is proud to assist in delivering the courses knowing it will improve the outcomes for riders especially in remote areas.
Motorcycle First aid
Motorcycle first aid instructor
Laurie Park
Lead Instructor Advanced. Victoria

Assoc diploma of Health Science , Ambulance
HLTAID008, Manage First Aid Services and Resources
Ulyssian, Far rider, Black dog Rider

Laurie has been a long time rider and was active in advocacy for Rider rights, he also managed one of Victorias larger Non Emergency Ambulance Companies.

Laurie living in a rural area sees the importance of well trained local first responders as part of the emergency services .

Laurie was one of the original trainers that started with ASMA.
Lisa Connelly
Lead Instructor, Qld.

Lisa is Brisbane Based, and has a long history of nursing in remote areas and training.
Lisa and her husband Sean are active motorcyclists and keen to assist getting the ASM program introduced into Queensland.

Lisa currently rides a VT750 but enjoyed a lot of off road riding whilst working in Northern Western Australia.

Contact Lisa via the ASMA website.
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Kevin R Smith.
Lead Instructor, Singapore.

Kevin is Singapore Based, and comes to ASM as an experience Army medic trained by the New Zealand Army and a long history of riding motorcycles all around the world.
Currently living in Singapore, Kevin is very active within Singapore HOG, and has held officer positions in Dubai and Thailand.

Kevin is keen to get ASM training to the many motorcyclists in South East Asia.

Contact Kevin via the ASMA website.

Interested in becoming an ASMA instructor?

You must be an active motorcyclist.
Lead instructors must have emergency medical experience and have a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.
Teaching experience either public or internally is required.

Join a team of experienced and passionate motorcyclists helping reduce injuries and fatalities through education.

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