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The ASM logo is on all of our products and marketing, if the logo isn’t present it isn’t ASM.

This logo is the guarantee that you are getting world standard training backed by the knowledge of a large group of emergency practitioners.
Why is motorcycle first aid different to “standard first aid”?
Many of the skills from “standard first aid “ are used but in our courses we reintroduce the teaching for trauma care which occurs in motorcycle accidents/
For those of us who have done first aid training for years the course was at least 5 days and it is slowly getting eroded in time and coverage.

Medical emergencies are the main focus of current first aid training.
ASM reintroduces the elements of first aid that are relevant to trauma and its on going evolving care.

ASM provides with a systematic and standardised procedures so the first people on scene can take control and start managing the scene and giving the correct live sustaining treatment that a trauma patient deserves.

ASM also has advanced courses for riders who want to learn more and all are nationally accredited certificates.

Many students have commented on how different our courses focus is and how relevant it is to the motorcycle community.
Some courses are only 4hrs and cheaper why is this?
Accident Scene Management Australia, first aid for motorcyclists
Testimonial, April 2016. Ashley Rose “awesome course, well presented and informative . This is the second course like this iv'e done in the last 4 months. The first course i done (another company) was way to brief and only touched on a few different things that left me walking out wondering if i could really could do what was needed in an emergancy. This one tho was conducted by highly qualified instructors with a wealth of knowledge they were more than willing to share. it was delivered seamlessly and easy to understand. the instructors were friendly and engaging and taught in a manner that was easy to understand and left you with the confidence to actually be able to do what they have taught you in an emergency. i highly recommend the ASMA course to ANY road user. Thanks Phill &jo”
Ashley Rose
ASMA has chosen to use the 8 hr format as we believe you can’t adequately cover the topics that are important in a short course.

ASMA also included the optional necessities for the students to be able to obtain the HLTAID003 Provide First Aid Nationally Recognised Course.

This does take extra time and expense but we believe the extra time and effort has greater reward.

Many students can claim the course fees, as you can be awarded a commonly required First Aid certificate,

.You may be able to claim rebates from many avenues. Workplaces , Health Funds and event the tax man may provide rebates for the nationally recognised courses.

Combining the First Aid certificate saves the need to do two courses.

As one club director indicated, “We have had more incidence in motel rooms on trips than on the road”. So these skills are important too.

The Motorcycle Component of our course is taught around the world and many students have completed us on the relevant and comphrensive delivery.

ASMA supplies with “standard first aid “manual as well the motorcycle specific information
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Who is teaching us”
ASM worldwide dictates that all instructors must be active motorcylicsts. so they enjoy and understand your passion for the road.
Lead Instructors must have emergency medical training , many are paramedics or emergency nurses who also have a passion for training.
Lead Instructors have to meet the requirements of knowledge and currency to maintain there right to teach.
These requirements and many others and control by ASMA’s partnership with Allens Training Pty Ltd. RTO 90909 .one of Australians largest first aid training providers.

Internationally there are over 140 trainers teaching the ASM program and regularly the curriculum is reviewed with current practices. Many of the instructors are currently practicing emergency personal at the front line so our information is always current.
What do it get with a course?
On the completion of the Crash Course for the Motorcyclist, as well as having the knowledge to make a difference you will receive:
An ASM Patch, recognised around the world in the motorcycle community.
An ASM Helmet decal
An ASM bike decal
An ASM, PACT card, for reminders and note taking at an incident
An ASM Crash course booklet to use as a reference,
An ASM Statement of Attendance
An Allens “Simply First Aid” manual
If you undertake the extra work for the First aid Certificate you will receive from Allens Training
An email copy of your HLTAID003 Provide First Aid Certificate

Extra road safety and motorcycle product information

So ask other providers what they supply?
indian motorcycle AS<A
What else does ASMA do?
“A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist “ is not the only thing ASMA does.

There are a number of specialist courses available included the Advanced course and courses for Health Care Professionals.

In the USA, Vicki Sanfelipo is very active in the advocacy role for improvements in medical response to
motorcycle trauma and trying to amend the systems to give a better outcome for motorcyclists.

In Australia we use similar systems so it improvements in the USA will hopefully filter through to Australia.

ASMA will also be running educational and fun events to build community in motorcycling.

A strong community is better at ensuring we look after each other which is one of our core roles.

Have a look at our events page to see whats coming up.
Can i get a rebate on my course fees?
Ulysses Members can claim a set proportion of the course fees. ( conditions apply)
Many motorcycle clubs offer rebates for members having a first aid certificate
Some motorcycle clubs have contributed to the course costs to reduce the amount members pay.
Private Health funds may offer a rebate for the First Aid certificate.
People requiring the first aid certificate for work may be able to make a tax deduction claim.

In Victoria, ASMA has been sponsored by RoadSafe and Council Road Safety committees, these course are subsidised and the full price is $40.00pp
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