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our mission to reduce injuries and fatalites to motorcyclists through education

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Why do motorcyclists need special skills?
Common first aid treatments aren’t best practice so we train you the skills and knowledge you need.
Our introducer video will explain briefly why we need these skills.

Home of Australia’s premier Motorcycle First Aid course provider.
Australia’s only provider of “a Crash Course for the Motorcyclist

Accident Scene Management Australia is a group of professional paramedics and nurses teaching “a Crash Course for the Motorcyclist” which has been taught in 5 countries since its development in 1996 in the USA.

What is “a Crash Course for the Motorcyclist” click here to find out.

ASMA uses the group knowledge of over 160 emergency practitioners around the world to give you real world experience and knowledge. All instructors are active motorcyclists so we share your passion.

ASMA has a number of courses, educational and fun events to share our joy of motorcycling, so have a look at our event page regularly to see if a course is in your area.

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All First Aid Training Certification is done under the auspices of :
Allens Training Pty Ltd. RTO#90909
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